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Hello ...

and thank you for your interest in my work.

I am a photographer with an artistic style and a narrative approach.  

Even though I have successfully worked across various genres - from weddings to interior, food photography and styled shoots, I find that what I enjoy most is telling your story or that of your brand.


I would love to create something beautiful for you. I am always open to new ideas and to collaborate to achieve the results that you have in mind. 


Two of my favourite things to do are to travel and to hike. I have dragged my camera over many mountains! This has led to a love for landscape and nature photography.


Where it all began...


I started my career as a pharmacist in San Diego, California. When my husband Johan and I moved back to South Africa in 1995, I was the mom of a very tiny baby boy and it wasn’t long before our family also included a gorgeous little girl. I switched gears and between changing nappies and photographing my children I also did recruiting work for an American company.

Photographing my children morphed into photographing other people’s children, family shoots, school events, matric dances, lifestyle shoots, weddings … you name it and I did it.​

Being a lifelong student, constantly striving to improve and learn from others, I did many photography courses over the years and learned from some of the best photographers. This is something I still continue to do.

​In 2010 I decided to make it official by launching Grace Photography and started calling myself a photographer.

Get in touch and let's create something beautiful.

Features include:

WEG /GO Magazine

WEG/GO Hiking Guide

IDEES (Trou)/ IDEAS (Weddings) magazine

Country Life magazine

LIG Magazine

This Life Online Magazine

JOY/JUIG Magazine

Why Grace Photography?
Grace changed my life. It brought clarity and wholeness.
The art of really celebrating life isn’t about getting it right​ – but about receiving Grace.
The sinners and the sick, the broken, the discouraged, the wounded and burdened -
we are the ones who get to celebrate Grace! Grace is weightless.
You haven’t discovered fire until you’ve discovered grace.
“And from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace” John 1:16


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GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY - Leentjie du Preez

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