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A portrait session is all about you!  Who you are, what you love, your favourite outfits, your favourite destination.

Your favourite colours. There is only one version of you. Celebrate your life!

A couple or engagement photo shoot is all about having fun and embracing the love between the two of you.

Francisca (36)_small.jpg

Some of the photos below are part of an ongoing collaboration with Blauwdruk Design 

Magda en Ester (520 edit)_small.jpg
Jana W (479 edit)_small.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0465.jpg
Jana W 2 (288 edit)_small.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0460.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0462.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0461.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0451.jpg
FASHION gracephotography_0450.jpg
Cities (583)_small-1.jpg
Alida (778 edit crop)_small.jpg
Christelle (99)_small.jpg
Karla (595 edit)_small.jpg
92876206_3713146658759178_8112212054045097984  _n.jpg
ML Charmaine (756 edit)_small.jpg
Fisantekraal Modeparade (719)_small.jpg
Megan Brandon SILO (107 crop )_small.jpg
Megan Brandon SILO (115)_small.jpg
grace home_0121.jpg
Minerva HK 2017_0369.jpg
Minerva HK 2017_0368.jpg
Fisantekraal Modeparade (818)_small.jpg
Minerva HK 2017_0073.jpg
Minerva HK 2017_0254.jpg
Hippokrates HK
Hippokrates HK Urban photography groups

GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY - Leentjie du Preez

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