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Blikkiesdorp (Tintown) is a dumping ground for unwanted people.

Created in 2008, Blikkiesdorp is sandwiched between sand dunes and the main road through the township of Delft, about 20km outside Cape Town.

Here over 1,500 box-like units made of metal sheeting line a bleak area of gravel and sand, with not a tree or a bush in sight.

Kids are hardwired to play pretend. Usually when they pretend to be Mommy, they play with their baby dolls or drink tea. This little girl smokes a pretend cigarette, just like the person she looks up to the most... her mother.

Look at the girls' shoes - they share the school shoes, because it is easier to kick a ball with a shoe with laces than a sandal.

Sharing a secret...

GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY - Leentjie du Preez

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